APVOCATION East Java to Supports Surabaya University to Create One Million IT Preneurs

APVOCATION East Java to  Supports  Surabaya University to Create One Million IT Preneurs

Mr Jamhadi with Mr Ir Benny Lianto at the ITPreneur seminar at the University of Surabaya

Mr Jamhadi in the IT Preneur seminar said that there are contraction in economics growth for almost all economic sectors due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, a breakthrough is needed to survive and even develop to recover economics growth,.by implementing the Productivity Center and the use of information technology.

The IT Preneur Seminar was held by the University of Surabaya on Saturday, August 8, 2020, at the University of Surabaya Library Hall. Apart from Mr Jamhadi, other speakers were Mr Kurniawan Harry (Head of Education Development for Vocational High Schools of the East Java Education Office), and Ir Benny Lianto M.M.B.A.T (Rector of the University of Surabaya).

"The regional minimum wage increases every year. In Surabaya today the regional minimum wage is 4,200,479 rupiah, and next year it will rise again. But worker productivity did not increase. If the company is unable to pay the labor, then there is a Termination of Work Expectations. Some have moved outside East Java. That's why the productivity center is a solution to increase workforce productivity to balance the increase in regional minimum wages, ”said Mr Jamhadi, Chairman of the All-Indonesian Vocational Education Alliance for East Java and Chairman of the KLICC Councils for Indonesia.

Through collaboration with academia, business, community, and Government (ABCG), Mr. Jamhadi explained that APVOKASI East Java together with the University of Surabaya and other universities are ready to produce superior human resources and support a strong industrial world, as well as create entrepreneurs.

The goal is to assist the Government of Indonesia in the welfare of the people of East Java and Indonesian society in general through education.

According to the man who also serves as the Advisory Council of the Surabaya City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the productivity center not only supports the industrial world to increase productivity, but also creates breakthroughs to help the industrial world develop more. An example is inventions in the IT field.

"This is a very real example during the Covid-19 pandemic. Transaction of goods / services is easier with the help of IT. But there is a danger if it is not accompanied by domestic production, so that imported products are sold. With this IT protocol held by the University of Surabaya, we hope that it can increase productivity and create strong entrepreneurs, "said the CEO of PT Tata Bumi Raya.

In the second quarter of 2020 and the conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic, Mr. Jamhadi said the ICT sector still recorded positive growth, namely 10.8%. On the other hand, the growth was both encouraging and sad.

"It's sad if you only play IT without creating jobs, then unemployment will occur. IT must be the answer to increasing productivity and convenience for the industrial world, "said Mr Jamhadi while mentioning other sectors that were still growing, namely the food and beverage sector, the education sector (3.5%), the health services sector and social activities (8.95%), the information communication sector (10.39%), agriculture (7.46%), the manufacturing industry sector (30%).

Rector of the University of Surabaya, Ir. Benny Lianto M.M.B.A.T said that the University of Surabaya started the idea to produce a million IT Preneurs and Cretive Preneurs.

"This is a big work that we will do. IT Preneur can also be called a digitalpreneur. We want the University of Surabaya to become an IT Center for IT development in East Java, "said Ir Benny.

According to Benny, the potential for the digital economy in Indonesia is quite large. In the midst of this pandemic alone, e-commerce is growing rapidly. Sales increased by IDR 36 trillion in April 2020, and up 26% from the monthly average for the second quarter of 2019.

"The potential for e-commerce in Indonesia is 1.700 trillion rupiah. The digital economy is predicted to contribute USD 150 billion. And the potential for Internet of Things (IoT) in Asia Pacific is USD 583 billion, ”explained Ir Benny. (*)

Asyik, Siswa Sekolah Bakal Dapat BLT Rp 2,4 Juta

Asyik, Siswa Sekolah Bakal Dapat BLT Rp 2,4 Juta

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