East Java's advocacy, Untag, and Maspion Sign an MoU for ABCG Synergy

East Java's advocacy, Untag, and Maspion Sign an MoU for ABCG Synergy

The signing of a MoU between the Untag 45 Surabaya and the Apvokasi of East Java with Maspion business sector.

The synergy between industry and education sector was realized through the signing of a memorandum of understanding firstly between the University of August 17 (Untag) 45 Surabaya and the All-Indonesian Vocational Education Alliance (Apvokasi) of East Java with Maspion business sector.  The signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) was witnessed by the Governor of East Java, Mrs. Khofifah Indar Parawansa.

Present at the signing of the MoU which was held on Wednesday, 28 October 2020 at Maspion Square, including Mr Alim Markus (President Director of Maspion Group), Mr Jamhadi (CEO of PT Tata Bumi Raya,. Chairman APVOKASI JATIM,. Chairman advisor of Surabaya city chamber of commerce and Industry ), also was attending Mr Adik Dwi Putranto (Chairman of the East Java CCI), Mr Mulyanto Nugroho (Rector of Untag 45 Surabaya), Mr Herman Halim (Managing Director of Maspion Bank), Mr Welly Muliawan (CFO of Maspion Group), and a number of invited guests.

The signing was carried out by Mr Jamhadi as Chair of the East Java Advocacy, Mr Mulyanto Nugroho, and Mr Alim Markus. After signing the MoU, Mr Jamhadi acknowledged his pride in the Governor of East Java and Alim Markus and the Chancellor of Untag Surabaya who always support the realization of the Quatro helix means ABCG synergy, which consists of academics, business, community and government.

"The support of the Governor of East Java and Maspion in realizing the application of research results from universities and the work of vocational school students as well as one product one village (OPOP), small medium enterprise, small medium industries, is very much appreciated. Their innovative works are brought together with the industrial sector's for prototypes.  We are sure, this can be an economic trigger and contribute to the social welfare of the people of East Java specifically and Indonesian nation generally," said jamhadi as Chairman of the KLICC Councils for Indonesia.

According to Mr Jamhadi, related to the ABCG collaboration, academics could produce research that was implementable, as research in the business world which was mutually beneficial.

From a business perspective, Maspion IT Sukses together with APVOKASI Jatim, Untag 45 Surabaya, and all business lines such as SMEs, small medium industries, one product one village, can synergize with each other and forge strategic partnerships.

From the community side, residents can be involved in business according to their respective capacities. So that it can create new jobs, and the people of East Jaw are more prosperous together with Khofifah the Governor and businessmen like Mr Alim Markus and others.

Lastly from the Government side.  Mr Jamhadi admitted that the East Java Provincial Government is very supportive of the business and investment climate. The Governor of East Java is also known to be pro-business for the welfare of his people, so that he has become a magnet for economic growth through his regulations.

"The synergy of the world of education, business and industry is expected to be able to increase productivity in East Java. Meanwhile, it involves SMEs, One product one village, 300 vocational high school in East Java.  In East Java there are 343 universities and equivalent, which are actively implementing government programs, "said mr Jamhadi.  (did)

Asyik, Siswa Sekolah Bakal Dapat BLT Rp 2,4 Juta

Asyik, Siswa Sekolah Bakal Dapat BLT Rp 2,4 Juta

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